Carlos Vega

Artist's Statement
Carlos took illustration at the Manchester Metropolitan University, where he studied animation as well as experimental work involving film, sculpture and painting. After leaving university, he became more interested in painting and began exhibiting and selling in Nottingham.
By the time he moved to Brighton he was mostly interested in abstract art. He also started to meditate on a regular basis. This has had a great influence on his life and of course on the work he produces.
What he tries to achieve with his paintings is to create a tool that whilst being aesthetically pleasing, also invites the viewer to be part of the painting. However, it does not engage the mind as such and therefore the viewer does not need to engage in a mental exercise, where the image has to be explained to make sense, but rather it has to be contemplated to be enjoyed.
This approach is similar to the Buddhist Zen garden, where there is no meaning in the art work which enables one to go to a deeper and truer place beyond the mind.