Jasmine Mercer

Jasmine is an artist who has a real feel for the essence of her subjects and what moves them, with her work embodying a palpable warmth and compassion for them. Her blend of observational drawings with a vivid imagination are enhanced by what subjects express to her through preliminary sketches, creating paintings suffused with life and movement.   

Artist's Statement 
A central theme of my work is communication: between personalities, and of their inner conversations at any given moment in response to the environment in which they find themselves. This has led to an exploration of many delightful souls, uncovering a rich array of touching and/or playful moments which weave into the artwork.  
When at The Liberte d’Expression International Art Exhibition at Barclays Headquarters in London’s Canary Wharf, my selected painting went to a French collector and I was short-listed for The Cork Street Open Exhibition, everything shifted up a gear and my path as an artist was set. A visual piece is a focus for the mind and the spirit and has limitless potential for both!     
I work with art galleries, magazines, advertisers, art institutions, children’s book publishers, musicians and on private commissions and work is held in collections worldwide. If you have an idea that you wish to see realised, contact me to discuss the details. All commissions welcome, I love a challenge!