Karen Hollis - Art In Bloom

Vibrant, colourful and boldly painted, Karen Hollis’s work celebrates the beauty of flowers and the radiance that exudes from them as light falls across each petal. Hollis has a highly perceptive sense of shape, texture and colour which she intuitively brings to each work. Each floral painting is bold, bright and suffused with light. Her flower paintings have a fluidity to them which is almost sensuous.
Through Art in Bloom, a Fine Art Trade Guild Member, Hollis publishes her limited and open edition giclée prints, giving you the opportunity to own one or an entire collection of vibrant, high quality, representations of an English summer garden.
Artist's Statement
I’m often asked ‘Do you only paint flowers?’ and my response is “We live surrounded by flowers and seldom really take in the way they’re created. I want to capture the shapes and colours created when light falls across petals. The way they change and reveal different forms. The strength of the curves. Almost the very essence of the flower rather than just the detail. My aim is to depict flowers in a way that changes the way people see them. ” It’s a challenge that I feel very passionate about.
As a student I enjoyed two years of a very experimental Foundation Course, which included sculpture, ceramics, screen printing, painting and textiles. This was followed by the more serious business of an Arts Degree in graphic design and immediately into a job at the BBC and a career in television and video. 
I returned to the traditional skills of oil painting in 2007 and have spent time developing my style and building up a portfolio of work. Because of my fascination with light and shape my work begins with a photographic study of a chosen flower, captured in natural light. I then create a composition from which to paint. During the painting process the flower evolves from the realism of the photograph to become the vision of the form and stature that I perceive.
I am inspired by the work of Georgia O’Keeffe, which has a similar graphic style and celebration of shape and form; and also the work of Vincent van Gogh, which is a colourful translation of what the artists sees.
I now share my time between my art business, Art in Bloom, and running my graphic design and animation business. I find these complimentary skills keep my mind aware to the latest trends in both design and the media. I am open to new ideas and fashions, not to follow them but to learn from them. They can be a voyage of discovery.