Moyra Scott

Artist's Statement
Moyra began painting after dreaming that she was painting large abstracts. Until that point all her work had been black and white line drawings. She studied with American artist, Flora Bowley, Australian painter, Tracy Verdugo and their influence can be seen in her use of many layers.  
Before painting, Moyra often writes on the canvas as a first layer. This can be, pure self expression but is often words with which she wants to imbue the painting. Her mission is to light up the lives of the people who see her paintings. She desires to brighten spirits and inspire dreams. Each painting has many, many layers and transforms as it is created. She never has a plan for each painting, allowing it to emerge through the many different layers of colour, marks and playful expression. She likens the process to cloud watching. When painting she becomes meditative and present. This to her, is the joy of painting, and this sense of joy and flow is what she intends to shine out of each painting to spark joy in the eye of the beholder.