Nina Smith

Nina Smith is a fused glass artist. Glass fusing is the technique used to join multiple pieces of cut glass together by partly melting the glass at high temperatures in an electric kiln. Using Bullseye glass Nina creates beautiful dichroic glass jewellery, suncatchers, art panels and tableware. Her work is on display locally and she takes part in several exhibitions throughout the year. 

Artist's Statement
I love glass in all its forms. It is a magical, mesmerising and enticing substance; sparkling and reflecting, transmitting and refracting, bright and brittle, clear or mysterious, and has a beauty that can rival precious gems.
I started using the copper foil method creating intricate Tiffany style lamps and sun-catchers, then produced leaded window panels in a stunning range of colours and textures. But when I experimented with fusing glass in a kiln I was hooked. I found it fascinating – how glass changes form and in some cases colour when heated to a high temperature. I now create textures, patterns and images in glass using cut, crushed or powdered glass which is fused in a kiln, then sometimes moulds are used to slump and shape the glass, making a unique and beautiful piece. There is nothing more exciting than waking up in the morning to see how something has transformed overnight in the kiln, particularly dichroic glass jewellery, which goes from cut square layers to beautiful sparkling adornments enhancing texture, form, colour and energy.
I was brought up in Cornwall, the daughter of two potters, where my early life was heavily influenced by a wealth of local craftspeople, and the magical shapes and colours of the sea and the land. As a graphic designer working in colour for printing, my inherent design skill translates perfectly to my glass work. Combining textures, layers and colour, I produce bold graphic patterned glasswork including jewellery, tableware and art panels.
My work is on permanent display in Gallery BN5, Henfield and also in personal collections in Europe and the USA.
I am a member of the Attic and Henfield Art Clubs, Adur Art Collective and I also exhibit yearly in the Brighton Artists Open Houses Festival.