Learn how to Monoprint with Claire Harrison
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Learn how to Monoprint with Claire Harrison

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Course Date & Time: Wednesday 26th June, 3pm - 6pm

Price: £44 per individual workshop including all material and handouts

Monoprinting is a fun medium that let’s both the student and artist work through ideas quickly.  The speed at which you can create drawings in this medium means it is perfect for gaining confidence with drawing and capturing a subject.  You can choose what you draw and will learn how to use this medium, plus add a mix of media, to create experimental pieces. 

The workshops are kept to a maximum of 8 people, so you will receive individual attention to develop and become confident in your own style.

This workshop is for all abilities and includes all materials and handouts.  Please bring your own drawings or photos to use as inspiration for your subject. 

About the Tutor - Claire Harrison

Claire is an international fine artist exhibiting in both private and public collections in several different countries.  Claire has over 20 years’ experience in teaching both adults and children art, helping them achieve their aims and academic grades.  Claire is experienced in helping both the complete novice and mentoring fellow artists in developing their own style and combatting creative block. Claire has vast knowledge of all techniques using all drawing and painting mediums and how the master’s create their specific styles.

Claire is a popular tutor at The Guildford Institute where her courses sell out and have a waiting list, she rarely teaches courses elsewhere, so don’t miss this opportunity to experience her unique teaching style that concentrates on the individual rather than the group.  Claire is very keen that each student whatever their experience level achieves their own goals and begins to establish their own style rather than simply mimicking another artists or art tutor’s style. 

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